Community: Kevin’s IV Pole Founder to Greet Guests at Boston Children’s Hospital

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Kevin Fern, the founder of Kevin’s IV Pole, has always had a special place in his heart for childhood cancer fighters. Even as a teen in treatment at Lancaster General Hospital, Fern knew he wanted to help children with cancer feel normal in any way possible. Once fully in remission, Fern became a camp counselor at Camp Can-Do, a camp that has been part of the Care Camps network for six years. Even at 51 years old, his cancer journey continues as he has successfully pushed IV pole 3,300 miles across America to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

“While walking through America and going through remote areas you see kids affected by cancer who haven’t heard of or don’t have an oncology camp near them because they are so far away from the big cities,” said Fern. “I want Kevin’s IV pole movement to intertwine hospitals and oncology camps so parents can be aware of the importance of camping to the healing process.”

Through these connections and the sharing of information, Fern knows more kids will have the opportunity to experience this special kind of healing.

On Friday, July 12, Fern will be the celebrity greeter at the Boston Children’s Hospital. The return to Boston is a very sweet one as just 8 months ago he pushed his IV pole from Manhattan Beach, Calif., to Boston, Mass., where he celebrated his success. Fern will be meeting and greeting children and families at the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Dana Farber Institute that day.

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