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Community: Lippert Components Reaches 100,000 Hours of Community Service

Lippert Components has completed a 2017 initiative to donate 100,000 hours of community service. The company-wide initiative was officially realized Dec.12, sparing about two weeks. The company would like to thank its more than 8,000 team members for their essential role in achieving this social outreach feat.

Spearheaded by LCI’s Executive Leadership Team as one of the company’s 2017 core objectives, LCI team members eagerly took part, volunteering their time for various causes and organizations. Led by Michilah Grimes, LCI’s director of philanthropic partnerships, the year-long event impacted communities in 15 different states and more than 1,000 organizations. Grimes, who organized and directed the company-wide initiative, is thankful for the support of the company’s many team members.

“What an amazing year this has been. Thank you for joining us in this movement and donating your time to make our communities a better place to live and work. You have all made an impact in the lives of others,” said Grimes.

The initiative was a major effort to give back to the communities in which the company’s team members live, work and play. To accomplish the goal, LCI partnered with local nonprofits, school systems and community leaders to drive home the importance of community involvement to its team members. Through this collective effort, LCI hoped to not only inspire its own team members, but also hoped the initiative would inspire others within the community.

In mid-2017, the company created Acts of Service, a web-platform developed to allow others community members to take part in the community outreach movement. Since its inception, Acts of Service has signed on several local and national businesses, including Kem Krest Corporation, Genesis Products, Brunswick, Centier Bank, Cintas, Diligence IT, Gibson, Heritage Financial Group, Interra Credit Union, Photon Electric, Smoker Craft, and Welch Packaging.

“We entered 2017 with a company goal to be more socially responsible, having not set one in the past and it was awesome seeing our teams doing such great things for the community and touching and changing so many lives inside the company and outside. Most importantly and unexpectedly, we inspired many other companies to set their own goals in 2018,” said Jason Lippert, LCI’s CEO.

LCI plans to take on a similar community initiative in 2018. LCI would like to invite all interested business and community members to register with www.actsofservice.com and to contact actsofservice@lci1.com for more information.

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