Community: RV Advisor Rushes to Help Hurricane Victims

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RV Advisor recently announced efforts to provide much-needed relief supplies to the Florida Panhandle communities devastated by Hurricane Michael. In addition, for every $25 spent on membership by customers, vendors, dealers, and suppliers, RV Advisor will donate $50 worth of supplies and canned goods to Floridians affected by the disaster.

RV Advisor CEO Gigi Stetler is actively working to establish reliable transportation routes so her company can continuously send emergency housing and relief supplies to the hard-hit areas.

“In times of natural calamities like Hurricane Michael, when many homes are destroyed, and power outage is widespread, RVs can offer a lifeline for many people,” said Stetler. “These mobile homes come with their own water, sewer, and electric generators, and are often the only viable option for emergency housing in the affected communities. I urge all RV Advisor members and RV dealers nationwide to step up to the plate and help make a real difference in the lives of people who lost everything during Hurricane Michael.”

Stetler has provided emergency housing and other relief supplies to victims for nearly three decades, including Hurricanes Andrew, Charlie, Wilma, and many others. After Hurricanes Katrina and Erma, Stetler donated nearly 40 campers equipped with beds, tables, kitchens, bathrooms and other amenities to the local Sheriff’s departments for deputies and their families whose homes were destroyed.

RV dealers, vendors, owners, and other members of the RV community who want to join RV Advisor in its ongoing Hurricane Michael relief efforts can submit the following form.

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