Company Moves Ahead with Wireless Battery Charging Products

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WiTricity, a company specializing in wireless power transfer, has signed a technology and patent license agreement with CTEK Corp., a leading global supplier of battery charging systems.

Under the terms of this licensing agreement, CTEK will create wireless charging solutions based on WiTricity technology for a wide range of automotive, industrial, and RV battery systems.

“CTEK is adopting WiTricity’s technology to revolutionize battery charging by removing the need for cables in a wide range of automotive, industrial, and recreational vehicle battery systems, eliminating the need for our customers to plug in,” CTEK CEO Jon Lind said. “We are excited to be on the forefront of the next generation of battery charging products for consumers and industry, and look forward to leveraging WiTricity’s ground-breaking technology to bring a new level of convenience and ease of use to market.”

The agreement enables CTEK to commercialize WiTricity’s patented technology to create high performance, efficient wireless charging systems for a wide range of battery charging and battery conditioning applications in the transportation and industrial markets.

Since its founding, CTEK has sold more than 6.2 million battery chargers in 70 countries around the world.

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