Conntek Adds 50-Amp Cord to Lineup

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Conntek added a new 50-amp RV cord to its line recently, which is aimed at boosting safety, according to a news release.

The plug and connector sides are positioned at more comfortable angles.

“A premium style cord, it’s incredibly simple to grab, lock and remove. The connector’s 45-degree angle allows the inlet hatch to close more fully, keeping rain, debris and other moisture from entering,” the release read. “The design also helps provide strain relief, reducing the chance of damage to the cord, inlet or electrical system, while helping deliver a longer life.”

The cord’s plug side features Conntek’s ERGO Grip. The handle and prongs are positioned at a right angle to the cable, helping keep the user safe while protecting the cord from twisting damage.

It attempts to reduce hand fatigue by increasing user comfort and leverage. Two blue LEDs indicate when the power is on.

The cord has a price of $194.99. Contact Conntek at 414-482-0800, or visit www.

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