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Converted Double-Decker Houses Family of Eight

European automotive magazine Motor1.com has an eye for the odd, especially when it comes to RVs. Here, a Brady Bunch-size family finds total comfort living on the road in this converted bus.

Downsizing into a motorhome or RV is difficult enough, but it proves extra challenging when you have to bring along a half dozen kids. The Evelyn family found a solution, converting a double-decker bus into their two-story motorhome that features two bathrooms and a rooftop patio.

Bus conversion
(Image courtesy Motor1)

The RV’s entrance is a convertible office that sits next to the driver’s seat. Behind that is the kitchen, with a large fridge and freezer separating the entrance from the rest of the bus. The kitchen, which features a pair of counters, has a 30-inch sink, a two-burner induction stovetop, and an oven. Two benches and a long table form the dining area, and the entire space is lined with windows, letting in a massive amount of natural light. The first bathroom is located at the back of the bus.

The RV has two bathrooms in total, with the second one upstairs and a separate shower. It was crucial to have access to those facilities with eight people – six of them kids – living on the bus. The shower is situated between the first and second floor on the stairs, providing a tall space for the shower head.

Upstairs are the bedrooms, with the kids’ bunks and the other bathroom at the back. The bus also has a washer-and-dryer combo, a must-have when you have six kids around. At the front of the bus is the family’s primary living area and the kids’ play area, which also converts into the parents’ bed that’s on the floor and hidden under wood panels. The primary living space also has the ladder to the rooftop patio and the solar panels.

Click here to see the whole story from Alex Alaniz at Motor1.com.

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