Covercraft facility
Covercraft facility

Covercraft Speeds Production of Protective Equipment for Health-Care Workers

Covercraft Industries is lending its manufacturing and engineering expertise to expand production of urgently needed personal protective equipment, mainly gowns and masks, for health-care workers and first responders fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Covercraft’s expertise in working with non-woven specialty fabrics has allowed us to pivot our operations in the USA from crafting car covers, seat covers, and windshield sunscreens to helping provide hospitals and first responders with personal protective equipment incredibly fast,” said Clay Callan, president and COO of Covercraft Industries. 

“Orders will begin shipping today and we have capacity to potentially build hundreds of thousands of units,” continued Callan. “As an industry leader in the product categories we manufacture, we felt it was our duty to step in and help our country in this time of need.”

Groups or organizations in need of these PPE products should contact Covercraft by calling 405-367-8930 or by email at

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