CrimeStopper Announces MIR-APL Universal

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CrimeStopper recently launched a new universal 4.3-inch rear view mirror/monitor. Utilizing a digital color LCD screen, the MIR-APL is now shipping with an MSRP of $299.95.

“The MIR-APL features adaptive parking lines that move when the vehicle turns,” said Alvin Klement, national sales manager for CrimeStopper.“These indicators reside inside the mirror, so camera compatibility is much broader. The mirror also features dual video inputs and a reverse trigger wire used to turn-on the monitor when the vehicle is put into reverse gear.”

The vehicle-specific mirror bracket kit MIR-BRKT437 sold separately.

“CrimeStopper prides itself on solutions for installers by installers,” said Klement. “As CrimeStopper continues to grow and lead the marketplace with new and innovative safety and security products, we are proud to announce valuable additions to our rear view and parking assist lines. These new models, including the MIR-APL, not only maximize value and provide best-in-class performance, but provide an additional assortment of options in this category for dealers and expeditors in the business today.”

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