Cruiser RV Adds Exclusive Storage Feature

Howe, Ind.-based Cruiser RV, which makes lightweight travel trailers, is releasing the company’s first, patent-pending exterior feature that will come standard on all of their brands beginning on 2021 models – the Underbelly Storage System.

Engineered by power-coated steel, the Underbelly Storage System provides additional storage space in a location not utilized until now in the industry, the company said. The system includes a pull-out mechanism that ensure owners can reach their items when they need them. The space can be used to house a variety of items, Cruiser RV said, such as firewood, hoses, power cords, tools, and more.

The storage area contains a fold-out system for easy access.

“We listen to industry consumers, and have heard that the top request among all RVers is more storage, and the Underbelly Storage System meets this demand head-on,” said John Jones, senior general manager at Cruiser RV. He continues, “Our new storage system provides an additional two and half cubic feet of storage without compromising the existing space each unit already provides. Not only does this feature add storage, it’s in a convenient and in a secure location, as well as durable to withstand any item the owner stores inside. This is now an exclusive and standard feature on every unit.”


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