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Cruiser’s New Plan Designed to Protect Buyers

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Cruiser RV introduced a new five-point Cruiser Care plan to offer campers increased support and service before, during and after purchasing the brand’s RVs. The plan encompasses multi-point RV inspections, optimized manufacturing, warranties, an owner-facing smartphone app, and customer service staffed by experts to provide improved peace of mind for travelers, wherever they go.

Before a Cruiser RV leaves the manufacturing headquarters, it undergoes a battery of quality control and stress testing that evaluates the electrical system, holding tanks, plumbing, LP gas lines, fuel stations and more. Each unit also gets a monthly road test to evaluate how it handles, ensuring roadworthiness and the safety of the owners while towing. But the testing doesn’t stop there.

“Our state-of-the-art production facilities also house a built-in rain bay allowing us to take our quality control process to another level by testing our products on how they will perform in real weather conditions,” said Kyle Miller, director of sales for Cruiser RV.

This rigorous testing is thanks to Cruiser RV’s custom-built production, warehouse, parts and cabinet shop facilities designed to enable quality manufacturing with minimal friction. The newly optimized 80,000-square-foot parts warehouse allows Cruiser to stock more parts and ship them out within 24 to 48 hours, reducing repair wait times at service centers across the country.

If owners do need repairs, an array of warranties can help them get the service they need with less hassle.

“We offer both a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and a three-year limited structural warranty,” said Jim Fenner, vice president of customer service and engineering. “But we also partner with some of the best suppliers in the industry who offer multi-year warranties on their components – even tires.”

To learn more about Cruiser Care click here.

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