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CRVA: Wholesale RV Shipment Highest in a Decade


The Canadian RV Association recently reported that RV wholesale shipments into Canada for the fourth quarter ending Dec. 31, 2018, totaled 13,784 units compared to 13,796 in 2017, representing a slight decrease of 0.09 percent comparable versus the prior period.

Total RV shipments for the 2018 year were 59,451 versus 53,363 units in 2017, up 10.24 percent overall.

This number represents the highest RV wholesale shipments reported by the CRVA in any year since 2008.

The RV Dealers Association of Canada has reported that dealer retail activity during the calendar year totaled 51,453 units, which when compared to the wholesale shipment figure of 59,451 indicates that Canadian dealer inventory levels increased during 2018.

However, levels primarily increased during the fourth quarter which is considered to be a normal replenishing period and dealer inventory is considered to be in line with dealer requirements for the 2019 season.


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