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Cummins Issues Grants to Community Partners Addressing Urgent Childcare

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The Cummins Foundation is issuing emergency grants to non-profits addressing the needs of families and children impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The grants are targeted in cities in which the company is a critical employer with a significant role in the prosperity of the community.

“When schools closed, working parents had few childcare options, learning environments were disrupted and students suddenly lacked access to nutritious meals and critical technologies to learn from home,” said Mary Chandler, CEO of the Cummins Foundation and Cummins VP of community relations and corporate responsibility. “The impact on families in our communities has been swift and devastating. Our community partners are fulfilling vital needs.”

The Cummins Foundation is focusing its emergency COVID-19 funding on childcare, nutrition, basic needs, and remote learning assistance in communities around the world where the company has a significant presence.

Communities in which the company operates, including Columbus, Indianapolis, and Seymour in Indiana; Rocky Mount, N.C.; and Jamestown, N.Y.; and Daventry, U.K., have applied the grant funding to address the immediate effects of the growing crisis.

“Many people in our community are struggling right now with essential needs, like food, rent, medicine, cleaning supplies and hygiene items,” said Mark Stewart, president of the United Way of Bartholomew County. “The generosity of Cummins has been absolutely critical to getting help to those who need it most. Cummins’ support has enabled us to help 203 people with rent assistance, food and other urgent needs.”

The Cummins Foundation is also one of the funding partners of a remote e-learning fund in Indianapolis, the primary childcare partnership in Rocky Mount, human services organizations in Seymour and food assistance programs in Daventry, where the company is helping with packed lunches and hot meals for kids, among others.

As the Foundation continues to learn the most critical community needs from its global partners administering direct services in Cummins communities, additional grants will be awarded.

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