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Dealer Profit Services Introduces F&I for RV Dealers

Dealer Profit Services, a supplier of F&I services to marine and RV dealers, is now offering a comprehensive suite of compliance-related services. These services include the production of complete and personalized manuals and documents for each of the five areas which require compliance: red flags, disposal, OFAC, Safeguards, and USA Patriot Act.

“Compliance is the last thing that anyone wants to think or talk about,” said Myril Shaw, COO of Dealer Profit Services. “Compliance failure can be expensive, or even worse, with some violations potentially leading to jail time. These are not areas the FTC, Homeland Security of Justice take lightly – and being compliant is not hard, or as boring as most people assume.”

In addition to the document production, Dealer Profit Services also offers either in-person or remote, web-based training on compliance for all dealership management personnel and all those who handle personally identifiable information, as well as those who handle customer cash in a store. This training is available initially and then as a refresher on an annual basis. Documents can also be updated as needed on an annual basis.

“The government is clear that, as with horseshoes and hand grenades, close does count in the area of compliance, and good faith efforts are accepted and appreciate … any store without basic training, published, bound and visible manuals and a trained compliance officer fails the good faith sniff test,” said Shaw. “Absent these basic steps, compliance failure can be a very expensive mistake.”

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