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Dealers Give Their Takes on the RVDA Con/Expo

RVDA Con/Expo

The RV Dealers Expo/Convention has become one of the key networking and education events in the industry, with hundreds of dealers and vendors venturing to Las Vegas each November to catch up on the latest news from inside the industry.

But what really keeps dealers coming back for more? The networking? The aftermarket products available? Or is it the allure of Glitter Gulch itself? The RV Dealers Association asked several dealers to share their opinions.

“What I’ve learned by going – and this could be my 24th year, I think – is that in good markets and in bad markets, getting education, getting training, doing networking regardless of what the hot topics are, there’s always something you come away with that you can bring home to your dealership and make small changes that end up making huge differences down the road,” said Chris Andro of Hemlock Hill RV Sales in Southington, Connecticut.

“One of my things that I really enjoy is just the networking and interacting opportunities,” said Nathan Hart of Walnut Ridge Family Trailer Sales, New Castle, Indiana. “Over the years, most of our business associates that we continue to do business with were met at the convention, not to mention some of my lifelong friends, because those relationships were created by being at the convention.”

“Because of the Convention Committee’s resources and the pool of information we gather, we are able to take those different lessons we receive from those workshops or keynote speakers and apply it to how it’s going to serve our customers,” added Ryan Horsey of Parkview RV Center in Smyrna, Delaware. “We receive a good return on investment and we’re able to come back to our dealership and share that information with other team members.”

This year’s event will be Nov. 6-10 at Paris Las Vegas.

To register for the 2023 RV Dealers Convention/Expo click here. Regular updates will be posted on the convention website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Companies interested in partnership or sponsorship opportunities should contact Julie Newhouse at 703-364-5518 or email jnewhouse@rvda.org.

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