Dealership Toolkit to Unveil RVP at RVDA Expo 

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Dealership Toolkit will present 13 new pieces of technology to the RV community at Caesar Palace’s Milano 2 at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12. The presentation is a part of RVDA 2019’s Vendor Plus Training series.

With the soon-to-be unveiled RVP, dealers are able to see the highest, lowest and average sales price of any RV make, model and trim listed anywhere online in the U.S. or Canada, according to Dealership Toolkit.

Version 1.0 of RVP will allow a dealer or manufacturer to set price alerts that will notify them via email if a price goes below a custom threshold established by the dealer.

“Dealer principals and managers spend hundreds of hours surfing competitors’ websites and doing comparison price checking,” said Rich DeLancey, Dealership Toolkit CEO. “Dealers not only need to be competitive price wise in their own backyard but in some cases nationally. RVP will save them time and give them better access to the pricing data they need to make informed decisions.”

RVP is just one of 13 new technologies Dealership Toolkit will be introducing to the crowds at RVDA 2019. Dealership Toolkit was formed when industry veterans DeLancey, Liz Martin and Meaghan Cooper joined forces.

“For years dealers have told me that generating leads is important, but lead conversion to sales is even more important,” said Martin. “Dealership Toolkit offers powerful technology that is simple to execute and will help you get more out of the leads you already are paying for.”

“Our technology is designed to work in your environment, not ours,” said DeLancey. “You don’t have to change your web provider, advertising agency, DMS, or CRM to get the full value of our programs. We work inside your system so that instead of dealing with change, your staff can just go out and be more effective.”

If you are coming to RVDA but will not be in Vegas in time for the Vendor Plus event, you can get a private demonstration of the software by texting Toolkit to 474747.  It is important to note that Dealership Toolkit will not have a booth in the expo portion of the convention.

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