DENSO to Invest $37 Million at Michigan Facility

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Global supplier DENSO announced an investment of more than $37 million in machinery and equipment to expand automation at its Michigan manufacturing facility in Battle Creek.

The investment supports localization of component manufacturing for several customers, according to the release.

The Michigan Strategic Fund also awarded DENSO a performance-based grant for up to $687,500 to train current and future employees preparing for higher skilled jobs.

The grant will provide funds for English as a second language training with a manufacturing focus that Denso Michigan will create and share with the community.

“The jobs DENSO offers today are significantly different than when we started production in Battle Creek 30 years ago,” Denso Michigan Manufacturing Inc. President Andris Staltmanis said. “We are excited to make this investment to train and prepareour current and future employees for these higher-skilled, higher-paying, sustainablejobs.This is a critical step to help DENSO stay competitive and we appreciate the support from the Michigan Strategic Fund.”

DMMI has created 300 Lead Associate positions, a new, skills-based production job designed to support their next generation product manufacturing. MSF funding, combined with a $125,000 training and relocation incentive from Battle Creek Unlimited, will support both on-site training classes and formal instruction at Kellogg Community College. Lead Associates receive more than 130 hours of formal instruction in addition to extensive on-the-job training.

“In addition to Lead Associate training, DMMI is excited to develop and share ESL training designed for manufacturing careers,” Staltmanis said. “Helping our ESL employees be more successful on the job will open pathways for them to move up in the company and realize their potential.”


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