Denver-Based Dealership Moves Ahead with Expansion

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Denver, Colo.-based Windish RV Center is moving ahead with plans to add a third location in the state.

The company announced earlier this year that it had purchased a 10.5-acre lot 70 miles south of Denver to bring the company closer to its southern Colorado and Colorado Springs customer base.

Windish General Manager Jim Humble said the company is in the final steps of selecting a contractor and hopes to break ground this spring.

“Everything has been sent through to the city and we have approvals, so now it’s just a matter of hiring a contractor,” he said.

The company hopes to be operational by the end of the year.

Humble said the dealership, which will include 12 full-size service bays, a small indoor showroom and a service department, will employ about 30 workers, some of whom will transfer from the company’s Denver locations.

Windish, which sells about 1,500 RVs each year, aims to provide more convenient service to its southern Colorado customer base, according to Humble.

“For customers that live down in (Colorado) Springs, they come all the way up here (Denver), and that’s a pain for a customer,” he said. “So I think it’ll take a little relief off our Lakewood service department.”

Service and sales often go hand-in-hand, so Humble thinks the sales should take care of themselves if the service department is doing its part.

“In 25 years, one thing I’ve learned is that if you can treat them well in service, you’re going to get sales,” he said. “Service can kill a sales department or they can really benefit a sales department.”


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