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Denver’s Ultimate RV Show: RV Sales an ‘Economic Indicator’

Denver Ultimate RV Show

The following is report from FOX31.

There are many barometers in which to gauge an economy, but one you may not have known about is on wheels.

Fact is, when things are good – financially speaking – so are recreational vehicle sales. When the economy is weak, buyers are wary.

High interest rates, built-up inventory and reduced consumer buying confidence were a triple whammy on the industry recently. While the COVID-related lockdowns were actually a big shot in the arm for RV sales – no pun intended – challenges in the industry continue.

FOX31 visited the Ultimate RV show in Denver on Thursday. According to those in the industry, things are on the upswing.

“The past couple of shows, especially since the beginning of the year, are really going to set the tone for the rest of 2024 for the industry as a whole,” said Chris Young, Camping World product specialist. “We saw more people coming out. We saw more RVs being purchased.”

Young said he has high hopes for the Ultimate RV Show, now at the Colorado Convention Center.

“The Denver show is always kind of a shining star for us as an organization. It is the number two state for RV-ing,” Young said.

Over 300 recreational vehicles will be featured at the show. On-site financing, free admission –  the only thing to complete the picture is buyer confidence.

The Ultimate RV Show at the Colorado Convention Center runs from Jan. 25-27. Admission is free.

Read the full report from FOX31 here.

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