Derema Group
Derema Group

Derema Launches the DeremaHelp RV App

Derema Group, a national sales and marketing agency, recently launched the DeremaHelpRV app for both iOS and Android. DeremaHelpRV is also available in a desktop version at 

Developed using the same technology as the original DeremaHelp marine app, DeremaHelpRV is a free mobile application developed exclusively for the RV industry that sorts information for the different product lines that Derema Group represents. 

By selecting a brand name, users can view catalogs and materials offline and contact important factory personnel. Users also can access websites, training, PDFs, and other marketing materials. 

Built-in push communications ensure that new products and tech bulletins reach its intended targets. Coming soon in a future update will be in-store reporting for direct communication to manufacturers, as currently being utilized in the DeremaHelp marine version.

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