Dicor Products
Dicor Products

Dicor Adds PVC Roofing in Product Line

Dicor Products has expanded its roofing product line to include PVC roofing membranes for RV applications.

“PVC has been used in commercial construction for years,” said Anthony Wollschlager, COO of Dicor Corp. “It’s high level of flexibility, strength, durability and resistance to UV rays, as well as chemicals, make it a natural choice for RV roofs. PVC roofing systems not only reflect sunlight and solar energy, but they extend the useful life of the roof while helping to keep interiors cooler.”

“We tested a lot of PVC over the years,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor, “because we’re committed to having the right membrane for the market. This membrane meets our high standards for RV roofing.”

Unlike stationary buildings, RV membranes must withstand extreme environments including subtle flexing and torsion of the chassis or frame during travel.

“This product passed all the tests with flying colors,” Fore said.  “It has enough flexibility to work well in most any RV installation.”

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