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Dicor Unveils New Line of Power Management Products

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Dicor Products, an Airxcel brand, kicked off the 2023 Airxcel Product Showcase on Wednesday with the release of its new full line of ETL-listed power management products.

The cornerstone of its new power line and the most popular products for builders are the 30-amp and 50-amp Bluetooth Power Centers, the company said. Both combine the AC/12-volt DC distribution panel with a built-in converter. Plus, the online app allows the end user to control slide-outs, awnings and lights on their RV from their own phone (either Android or iOS) for what the company calls a cost-friendly price.

The Dicor Power offering also includes a 30-amp and 50-amp power center without Bluetooth control; 100-watt, 195-watt and 400-watt solar panels; roof ports; PWM and MPPT charge controllers; LiFePO4 batteries (100Ah and 260Ah); 30-amp and 50-amp transfer switches; and wall meter Lithium battery monitors.

“With this new line, Dicor Power can be our customer’s single supplier of integrated solar and power management systems,” said Marc Brunner, general manager of Dicor Products. “At Dicor we’re continually investing in product innovations that will advance the buying experience for our OEM partners and elevate the RV experience for their end user, and that’s what we’ve done here with our new power management products.”

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