Dicor’s DiFlex II Survives Getting Hammered at Frigid Temps

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Dicor Products reported that an independent third-party recently determined that the company’s DiFlex II roofing membrane resists temperatures as low as 70 below zero.

The lab simulation involved dropping a six-pound hammer onto a sample of the material at a specified temperature. The sample fails if it exhibits any sign of cracking.

All polymeric materials remain flexible at moderate temperatures and stiffen to a lesser or greater extent at low temperatures, the company said in a news release.

Diflex II TPO was tested to the ASTM D1790 Standard Test Method for Brittleness Temperature of Plastic Sheeting by Impact. DiFlex II TPO held up to increasingly colder temperature tests ranging from 10-below to 60-below, before finally failing at 70-below zero.

“Although no one will probably be in an RV at 60-below zero, this test vividly demonstrates how flexible and tough this membrane is,” said Tom Grubaugh, national director of OEM sales. “RVs are constantly exposed to any number of roof damaging situations. This membrane is one more layer of security and peace of mind in that regard.”

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