Dispute Resolution Program for RVs Available to All Manufacturers

RV Industry Association lawyers last year collaborated with DeMars & Associates, a Texas-based consulting firm focused on dispute resolution, in developing a voluntary and confidential mediation process. RV manufacturers that choose to participate can make the program available at no cost to eligible consumers who have purchased new RVs from them.

The Dispute Resolution Program for Recreation Vehicles (DRP-RV) is administered by DeMars and available for eligible RV consumers throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada, where available.

In the past year, at least four different member manufacturers representing more than 20 different brands have signed up to participate in this program, taking advantage of the benefits the DRP-RV offers both manufacturers and their respective consumers.

The benefits of DRP-RV include:

  • Faster results (i.e., 40-day timeline)
  • Encourages dispute resolution without attorneys
  • An experienced, neutral third-party administrator in DeMars
  • Provides RV consumers an opportunity to have their voice heard in front of someone with authority to help resolve issues
  • A network of experienced mediators across the U.S. and Canada that can hold a mediation conference at a location convenient to the consumer

For those RV manufacturers that choose to participate, DRP-RV will give their RV consumers the opportunity to resolve their disputes in a more cost-effective, efficient manner in a less adversarial setting. The goals of the program are to help RV consumers get back on the road RVing faster, reduce costly and time-consuming litigation and benefit consumer goodwill.

To learn more about DRP-RV, visit DeMars’ website at here.

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