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Dolphin Supports World Water Day

World Water Day, March 22, is the official United Nations day to celebrate water and create awareness around its issues. NDW, Dolphin Motor Coach, Blue Owl, and Raw + Rooted celebrated at Blue Owl Coffee in Reo Town, Lansing, Mich.

“Water is the key to life, yet we take it for granted. We are so happy to partner with all involved as we host Lansing’s Inaugural World Water Day,” said NDW cofounder Joni Sztykiel.

“From an RV perspective, great tasting, pure, odor free water is essential to any great RV trip. NDW water purification systems provide exactly that for Dolphin Motor Coach. However, a better world is key to Dolphin Motor Coach as we must protect our planet in order to enjoy it. Thus while this is small to start Dolphin Motor Coach is the first RV company to embrace, partner, around World Water Day,” said Darryl Conners, president & CEO of Dolphin Motor Coach.

“Water is the key to life, and too often people take plastic water bottles which actually destroy our environment as less than 30 percent get recycled. NDW purifies, oxygenates what is in the water tank, the complete system. A first ever in the RV Industry, natural, patented process. It all starts with awareness and commitment. We are excited about the awareness coming off World Water Day and the commitment of Dolphin Motor Coach.” said John Sztykiel, NDW cofounder.

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