Dometic and RV Solutions Partner on RV Partfinder

Elkhart, Ind.-based Dometic, in partnership with RV Solutions, has added its RV Partfinder tool to the Dometic For Business B2B E-Commerce Portal.

Dometic For Business was launched in early January 2020 with more than 300 enhancements made to date; however, there was a need for additional legacy product information that RV Partfinder now provides, according to Dometic.

RV Solutions is a California-based RV software and systems provider that’s been in operation since 1999, and its RV Partfinder tool on the Dometic For Business e-commerce portal will be limited to Dometic items, as well as feature information on legacy brands and products up to 50 years old.

RV Partfinder features comprehensive part number supersede information for finished goods, parts and accessories to allow for quick lookup of legacy items. The program contains thousands of products, from the newest refrigerator to a 35-year-old water heater. For the user of the site, that means the span of products available ensures the needs for even the oldest coaches on the road are met, according to Dometic.

RV Partfinder also offers one of the most comprehensive collections of Dometic-exploded product diagrams in the world as well as product number, breakdown, catalog number, description, and barcode search functions.

Dometic said the addition of RV Partfinder complements the already-robust offerings available on the Dometic for Business portal.


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