Dometic Announces New Headquarters in Elkhart

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Dometic recently announced a new RV headquarters in Elkhart, Ind. The purpose of establishing a headquarter specific to RV is to pull together all the teams that are RV-focused, rather than being located by product area, department or job function, according to the company. Employees will be organized by project.

“It makes sense that we invest in Elkhart for our RV business,” said Scott Nelson, president of Dometic Americas. “We have established America’s divisional headquarters for our other businesses like marine and commercial and passenger vehicles that enable us to have leadership and product development teams close to our customers.”

The new Dometic Americas RV headquarters will provide some new positions in Elkhart County. Dometic customer service will remain at the Main Street location.

While the move-in date has yet to be determined for Dometic employees, a new show room is set to be built. The new building is modern and will offer more meeting and collaboration spaces as well.

More information to come on how customers can get a sneak peek into the new building during Open House week in September.

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