Dometic Awarded Patent for Awning Tech

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Dometic's PowerChannel Awning

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Dometic a patent for the innovative Power Transfer Module, the underlying technology in the company’s the 9100 PowerChannel Awning and the Lighted Roller Tube Awning, according to a news release.

The Power Transfer Module allows power transfer through a rotating device. The module is designed to provide safe and easy access to electricity for RVers, according to the release.

It allows the use of a larger-sized wire, in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) standards; as a result, the PowerChannel can safely carry up to 15 amps of 12-volt power. Similar electrical systems, such as those used in competitor LED roller tube products, use either insufficient wire gauge or have a risk of wires becoming twisted, folded, bent or tangled, causing pre-mature failure.

“Our OEM and retail customers were asking for the addition of a lighting strip through their awning roller tubes. When we examined existing products on the market, we weren’t satisfied with the robustness of their design. Our engineers and designers got to work on the Power Transfer Module – a whole new approach that would meet Dometic’s high standard for quality and safety,” said Brent Taylor, Dometic product area owner and chief engineer of awnings.

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