Dometic Camps in Arizona for Customer Feedback

Dometic recently ventured out into the desert at the Quartzsite, Ariz., RV gathering to listen to and get to know their end consumers on a deeper level.

Dometic product managers, the research team, and the corporate marketing team from Sweden spent a weekend boondocking with thousands of other RVers. The team was able to sit around a campfire, roast marshmallows with some of the Xscapers, and hear what they enjoy about RVing and how they use Dometic products while on the road.

Additionally, the Dometic team was able to make a connection with the end consumers and generate new ideas from their feedback. The boondocking lifestyle was a new adventure for most of Dometic’s team, and provided important insight into the challenges many off-grid RVers face, such as conserving energy and water.

“It is important that our team has the knowledge of how consumers use their Dometic products and what could be changed to make them more efficient for people to stay on the road longer with only solar power and no water hookups,” said Rory Leitch, director of product management for Dometic. “We received tremendous feedback while at Quartzsite and enjoyed spending time getting to know the people who use our products every day.”

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