Dometic Launches PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail

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Dometic recently released the new PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail, which provides power to accessories such as an LED light, a wireless speaker, and a fan.

Dometic developed the PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail in response to feedback from OEMs and dealers who understand the needs and desires best within the marketplace. The company projects it to be a hit with RVers.

How it works is by mounting directly onto the arm of the awning. Accessories can then be twisted and locked on without the use of extension cords. It also allows simultaneous connections for multiple types of accessories with the awning open or closed.

The PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail comes in both black and white, and is UV resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It measures 1.26-inches tall, 27.49-inches wide and 2.42-inches deep, and weighs 1.4 pounds.


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