Dometic Readies for Salt Lake City Show

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Dometic Group will showcase its new portable refrigerator/freezers at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City on Aug. 3-6.

At booth PV3260, Dometic will exhibit the newly available CFX-28US and CFX-95DZUS, as well as the economical CC-40US and a range of other mobile cooling products and accessories.

“The CFX looks like a standard cooler, but is actually a powerful refrigerator/freezer that runs on 12V or 24V DC power from a car, truck or RV. Or, plug it into a 120V AC power source,” said Derek Laninga, Dometic’s director of sales for retail products. “At this show, we are pleased to announce that our newest models – the CFX-28US and CFX-95DZUS – are now available to retailers and distributors.”

The CFX is true mobile cooling for food and drinks – with no messy ice required. It keeps food and drinks colder than a fridge at home, even in scorching hot weather. These units can even keep ice cream frozen!

The two newly available models on display are:

  • CFX-28US – The CFX-28 is a single-zone unit that can be used either as a portable refrigerator or as a freezer – depending on where you set the thermostat – with 27 quarts of storage capacity.
  • CFX-95DZUS – This top-of-the-line model is a dual-zone unit that has 86 quarts of space in two different compartments which function independently. The CFX-95DZ can even be controlled from an app.

The CFX comes in a wide range of sizes that offer between 27 and 86 quarts of storage space. The CFX-28, CFX-35, CFX-40 and CFX-50 can operate either as a refrigerator or freezer, depending on where you set the thermostat. The larger, “dual-zone” units, the CFX-65DZ and CFX-95DZ, each have separate compartments for storing fresh refrigerated food and frozen food simultaneously.

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