Dometic Sells Select Products through NTP-Stag, Atwood

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Long-time dealer-direct supplier Dometic recently began displaying select products through its subsidiary Atwood Mobile at the NTP-Stag shows this winter.

Dometic products on display at the Atwood booth at the NTP-Stag Expo Feb. 3-5 in Las Vegas.

The products include portable coolers, holding tank chemicals, cleaning chemicals, safes and the Intervac, Dometic’s central vacuum unit, according to Atwood Marketing Director Fay Flournoy.

In the fall last year, Dometic, an international supplier based in Sweden, acquired Atwood in a deal announced Sept. 9. The deal was finalized Oct. 31.

The post-acquisition transition has been a smooth one for Atwood sales people, according to Atwood Director of Aftermarket Sales Trey Miller.

“There’s a lot of fun with the products. It’s been a good marriage,” Miller said at the NTP Expo in Las Vegas last week. “Our products and their products have a lot of complements.”

The acquisition was completed in late October, everywhere except in Australia, where Dometic’s acquisition of Atwood’s Australian line is still pending, according to Flournoy.

Flournoy said that Australian law requires review of the acquisition and she expects the acquisition will be finalized in the next six months.


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