Donation Spurs Launch of ‘RVs for Autism’

Gigi Stetler, CEO of RV Sales of Broward, Fla. and founder of the nonprofit RV Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA), donated an RV to YouTube stars and full-time RVers the RV Odd Couple as part of RVACA’s new initiative, “RVs for Autism.”

After the success of RVACA’s coronavirus assistance funds in helping frontline workers, the new RVs for Autism fund will provide families with autistic children free RVs so they can travel safely in a familiar environment while introducing their children to different parts of the country.

According to the announcement, the subject is an important one to the RV Odd Couple, John and Mercedes Condon, as their daughter, 4-year-old Sage, was recently diagnosed with autism.

“We feel like we have a responsibility to foster awareness of how therapeutic RVing is for autistic children and their families,” the Condons said. “Many people think that children with autism need the exact same routine every single day, but the reality is that preparing our child for real life means that she needs to be able to handle change and RVing offers the familiarity of home with the therapy of travel.”

When Stetler heard about Sage’s diagnosis and how RV travel could be an effective form of therapy, she said she knew she had the perfect way to help.

“We were initially talking about how we could partner to protect RV consumers’ rights through RV Advisor, but when they told me about their daughter’s diagnosis and that they were looking to get an RV, I immediately said ‘I have an RV for you,’” said Stetler.

Without delay, Stetler began preparing a Class C RV for donation with bunkbeds for Sage and a master bedroom for John and Mercedes. On Sept. 3rd, the RV Odd Couple picked up their RV and filmed a reveal video for their nearly 100,000 subscribers.

“I’m excited for them to be able to share these camping experiences with their daughter knowing that she’ll always have a familiar place to call home,” said Stetler.

To donate to the RVs for Autism Fund or to apply for an RV, click here.

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