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Dragonfly Energy Expands Midwest, Partners With New Distributor

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Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp., maker of Battle Born Batteries and an industry leader in energy storage, is expanding to the Midwest.

A new distributor partnership and the establishment of a Midwest office offers the company a foothold in the region and streamlined access to a significant region of the RV and trucking markets, which Dragonfly Energy serves with its lithium-ion battery products through the Battle Born Batteries brand.

“Exceptional customer service is one of our core business values, and by expanding our footprint, we believe we can more efficiently serve our growing customer needs in the Midwest and East Coast markets,” said Denis Phares, CEO of Dragonfly Energy. “We already have a strong presence in the West, so this new office represents another physical milestone for our growing company.”

Located in Indiana, the Midwest Dragonfly Energy office will house senior sales members, technical support staff and product storage for improved efficiencies and quicker shipping to its East Coast and Midwest regions.

Additionally, the company has engaged the services of UFP Distribution, a subsidiary of UFP Industries that will serve as a fulfillment center, perform sales support and offer light manufacturing assistance.

“This expansion of both services and location underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and diversification,” said Wade Seaburg, chief revenue officer of Dragonfly Energy. “We believe that operational and process enhancements like these contribute to our continued innovation and growth and allow us to remain focused on our goal of revolutionizing the energy storage industry.”

Nevada will remain the company’s primary headquarters.

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