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Dragonfly Energy Expands Wakespeed Product Line

Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp., maker of Battle Born Batteries, announced the expansion of its Wakespeed product line with two additions: the Wakespeed 500 Pro Bluetooth Alternator Regulator (WS500 Pro) and the Wakespeed 48V/12V Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter (WS48-12x).

“These new products empower users to optimize their mobile power systems,” the company said in a release, “unlocking faster charging speeds, increased efficiency and seamless integration with numerous battery systems, including the company’s Battle Born Batteries brand of products.”

The WS500 Pro builds upon the success of the WS500, introducing Bluetooth connectivity for improved convenience. Paired with the Wakespeed mobile app, users can now wirelessly configure, update and monitor their alternator charging directly from their smartphones. This newly integrated communication technology and intuitive app, available for both iPhone and Android, unlocks the potential for future features.

The WS48-12x simplifies installation and streamlines power distribution within mobile applications utilizing both 12-volt and 48-volt DC systems. This truly bidirectional intelligent DC-DC converter manages power between 12 volt and 48 volt, sending power from where it is available to where it is needed while respecting the needs and capabilities of both the 12-volt and 48-volt systems. Whether using the existing chassis alternator to charge the 48-volt battery or supporting legacy 12-volt loads from the 48-volt battery, the WS48-12x offers a high level of efficiency. Designed to work exclusively in combination with the WS500 and WS500 Pro, with or without a high output 48v alternator, this converter unlocks full charging potential while greatly simplifying system installation. By converting power bidirectionally from 48 to 12 volts, this device empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to manage energy sourced from alternators efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and reliability across diverse applications.

“The demand for larger and higher voltage battery banks in mobile applications continues to grow. However, physical space constraints often limit such expansion. We believe our new Wakespeed products address this challenge by enabling significantly faster alternator charging while maintaining safety and reliability, effectively extending the capabilities of existing battery systems,” said Wade Seaburg, chief revenue officer of Dragonfly Energy. “This represents a significant leap forward in mobile power management, with the potential to transform how we design and build energy systems for these applications.”

The Wakespeed product line caters to the growing demand for increased power capacity in mobile applications, particularly within the van-life, RV and marine industries. These solutions integrate with Dragonfly Energy’s Battle Born Batteries, while maintaining compatibility with an additional wide range of thoroughly bench-tested, lead-acid and lithium batteries.

“The evolution of these products simplifies systems significantly as we see an increase in mixed 12-volt and 48-volt deployments,” said Al Thomason, senior application engineer at Dragonfly Energy and one of the founders of Wakespeed. “We believe Wakespeed’s proven track record for quality and innovation continues with these new products, which offer a way to include the benefits of 48v designs in a simple and easy-to-install architecture.”

The WS500 Pro will be available soon, with shipments expected to begin in late summer 2024. The WS48-12x is currently available for purchase and shipping. Customers can get a first look at these new products installed inside Boho Camper Vans’ Show Vehicle (See Video) at the Battle Born Batteries booth (#A91) during Overland Expo PNW 2024, June 28-30 in Redmond, Oregon.

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