Dragonfly Energy Launches Lithium Ion GC2 Battery

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Reno, Nev.-based Dragonfly Energy Corp., a lithium-ion battery manufacturer, is launching a new product developed specifically for the RV industry. The new battery, called the Game Changer, is a drop-in replacement for a 6V GC2 lead acid battery. The new battery can be seen on display at the REV Group booth in Elkhart at Open House.

“Our team at Dragonfly Energy is leading the charge in battery innovation and safety,” said Sean Nichols, COO of Dragonfly. “This battery will change the game in the RV industry. Never has there been a battery in this form factor, making it easier to implement in existing architecture.”

This new 12V lithium iron phosphate battery is built in the same footprint as a traditional GC2 lead acid battery. This product was designed to be used in motorized and towable RVs, and will be offered to OEMs and aftermarket dealers.

“Building the batteries in house gives Dragonfly Energy an advantage, allowing them to ensure they are producing the highest quality and safest battery in the market,” said Wade Seaburg, president of Structure Sales. “Structures Sales is proud to offer the full line of Dragonfly Energy deep cycle Li-ion batteries.”

These Li-ion deep cycle batteries more than double the amount of usable power in the same space as the existing battery bank, and last more than 3,000 cycles. Battery characteristics include:

  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.
  • More than 3,000 cycles
  • 100 ah capacity
  • 12V lithium iron phosphate
  • Built-in battery management system
  • 100 amps, continuous
  • 200 amps, surge for 30 seconds
  • Half second for larger loads
  • Three-year full replacement warranty
  • 31 pounds
  • 10.32 inches long by 6.86 inches wide by 11 inches high

This battery (Model # DFGC2) is designed to replace lead acid batteries. It will work with the most popular inverter chargers, converters and solar charge controllers including: Magnum, Xantrex, Samlex, Aims Power, Progressive Dynamics, WFCO, Victron, Morningstar, Zamp, Go Power, and many others.

For more information, visit or call (775) 622-3448.


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