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Droplet Trailer Hits the Market

Droplet Trailer, a newly founded Canadian company, is aiming to change the car-camping game with a lightweight camper specifically designed for small and compact vehicles, as well as an integrated App for future owners to easily rent their camper online.

Droplet Trailers officially launched in March 2018.

To see more images of the Droplet, view the slideshow at the bottom of the story.

Pascal Pillon, who spent more than 6 months designing, engineering and refining the first prototype, explains: “The initial plan was to design a simple, ergonomic, and lightweight camper to spend most of my weekends outside the busy city that is Vancouver, B.C. But each time I would go out with Droplet, the public feedback I would have on it was so overwhelming that I decided to start producing more units of it for the public.”

This first prototype  already spent over 15,000 kilometers on the road, tested and rented out by multiple camping enthusiasts located near Vancouver.

“The real advantage with Droplet (in contrast with regular camping trailers) is that the gas mileage isn’t affected much by its weight (950 pounds), even on a small vehicle like the Toyota Matrix. The trailer, with its low aerodynamic profile, stays well in the wind shadow of the vehicle and behaves tremendously on the road.”

Furthermore, its high-tech laminate construction guarantees solidity, insulation, durability and dampening of vibrations on the road, in contrast with a standard fiberglass construction.

Droplet comes pre-equipped with a dual stove burner gas kitchen, a handpump sink, and a few necessary accessories for proper glamping.

The sheltered kitchen, located outside in the back, prevents unwanted smells, grease and moisture to penetrate in the sleeping space.

The sleeping space feels more spacious than its outside would let the user imagine. It is also fully insulated for all-season camping, a significant upgrade from tent trailers without the weight of a full-sized trailer.

For more information, visit www.droplet-trailer.com.

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