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Duo-Form Completes Design Center Expansion

Duo Form design center expansion

Duo-Form announced it has completed the expansion of a dedicated design center, which includes the addition of a fourth large-scale industrial printer with capabilities of 126-inch-wide material and infinite length.

Duo-Form has been forming bath products for the RV industry for 55 years. Since the start of the new millennium, the company said it has been dedicated to bringing new designs and aesthetics to their bath products. However, they are not limited to just bath products. Duo also offers backsplashes, sinks, accessories, RV front caps, RV slide-out skis, fender-skirts, skylights and garnishes, skylight shades and more.

Duo’s new design space will house all four large-scale industrial printers as well as their coating system. Their large-scale printing capabilities allow them to print endless design possibilities on almost any substrate up to 2 inches thick, including their sustainable materials such as their 90% regrind ABS. The material can be smooth or textured, sustainable or virgin. Duo-Form’s custom-built coater is 120 inches wide and allows for several different finishes from matte to high gloss and dry erase to antimicrobial. Duo also uses a smoke screen coating used with materials that have met and passed the ASTM E84-18b Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Materials.

The company said its Duo-Form team pioneered bringing the printed ABS designs to the market. The specialized ink allowed Duo to not only print smooth shower walls and backsplashes, but it also allowed them to bring the printed designer look to their standard formed shower walls. The custom coater further expanded Duo’s print design offerings to shower pans/tubs, skylights, cabinet inserts, sinks, RV front caps, fender skirts and more.

Since Duo is fully made in America, its customers do not need to worry about overseas lead time. Duo doesn’t have the need for contracts or keeping large amounts of inventory in stock in case a shipment doesn’t arrive, the company said. With Duo’s great partnerships with their suppliers, they have material readily available nearby.

Duo was named 2022 Michigan Manufacturer of the Year and has five buildings on 27 acres for a total of 250,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. Duo said its proprietary products contain 90% recycled plastic. In 2022, Duo recycled 4.2 million pounds of plastic. They offer 25% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin as well as 15% Landfill Diverted resin. Duo has experience in working with Smoke, Flame and Toxicity-compliant material, as well.

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