DUO-Form Offers RV Bath Cleaner

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DUO-Form Plastics of Edwardsburg, Mich., has released its new DUO Plastic Cleaner, specially formulated to safely clean all DUO plastic shower walls, pans, tubs, and sinks.

Many RV’s on the road have a DUO product on board, making this new cleaner far reaching in its appeal.

“Some cleaners will slowly degrade the plastic in your shower over time, and this is an obvious problem for RV owners,” said Product Developer David Rheinheimer. “They need their showers to outlast their RV, and our DUO Cleaner is perfect for keeping DUO showers in like-new condition.”

“When an RV owner has the right cleaner it’s easy to keep their bath area pristine,” said DUO-Form’s President Mike Ganger. “Having a clean bathroom definitely increases folks overall satisfaction with their RV, and will strengthen repeat cleaner purchases for dealerships. Our hope for DUO Cleaner is to create an easy new revenue stream for RV dealerships and OEMs.”

For more information, contact Shelly Ditmer at [email protected] or 269-663-8525.


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