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Dutchmen Begins Customer Survey Program 

Dutchmen Mfg. will begin to survey new owners regarding their purchasing experience and the overall product performance of their new RV beginning April 1. As part of this new program, Dutchmen will send every new owner a survey 60 days after the purchase date.

The survey will ask questions about the new owner’s purchasing experience with Dutchmen’s authorized dealers, and will also ask the new owner to rate his or her overall satisfaction with the new unit. 

“When customers choose to purchase Dutchmen RVs, they’re choosing to put their trust in us,” said Kyle Kwasny, president of Dutchmen. “We design and build our products to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences. We want to hear about these experiences from our customers – from the initial visit with the dealer through the buying process and ultimately we want to hear from them about how our products perform.” 

Collecting real-time data allows for better insight into the dealer experience, vital feedback to allow Dutchmen to make informed decisions on areas that need to be addressed, and ultimately to share with Dutchmen what new owners think the company is doing right, the company stated. 

“As the Dutchmen lineup continues to grow, we never want to lose sight of one question, ‘Why Dutchmen?’ By implementing this program, we can now ask our customers to share their experiences and to be our voice,” said Angelia Peterson, director of marketing. 

Dutchmen said it believes it already has better warranties, better quality assurance, and better aftermarket support than its competitors. The company said the customer satisfaction survey is yet another step to ensure our quality continues to meet or exceed the expectations of its customers, according to the company. 

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