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Dynamo Unveils First Wood-Free, All Aircraft Aluminum Truck Camper

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Startup truck camper builder Dynamo TCX has completed the world’s first all aircraft aluminum truck camper body with zero wood in the structure and is close to taking orders for its semi-custom lightweight truck campers.

“We’ve been perfecting the frame and body system for this for six months, we didn’t want to take anything for granted and have tested the strength and flex points of the frame both before the skin and with the Alclad 2024 T3 skin riveted on, and are happy to announce that it’s not only met our goals, but exceeded it, by quite a bit,” said Ellie Dillon, Dynamo’s owner and director of operations.

“This is so light, that even I can rock it and it starts to lift from the dolly we’re building it on- one side can go up high enough see air under the bunk,” Dillon said.

The shell so far is estimated to weigh around 420 to 440 pounds, and the finished weight with everything, in the 1,200-pound range.

“We keep having clients come see it as we’ve been building it, and the aims that we have- for it to be extremely lightweight, and to be durable enough that you never have to buy another camper- are their main concerns as they shop, and we’re very pleased to be able to have addressed these issues and be able to allow clients to satisfy their needs with our product.”

Dynamo TCX can be delivered with the original aluminum finish, polished to a mirror finish, or with an Avery Dennison vinyl wrap, which has a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

“We’re aware that our clients want to personalize their Dynamo TCX, and we extend this possibility not only on the exterior, but also the interior. The standard leather sofa can be ordered in any color, the aircraft aluminum cabinets match up well with most colors and we have acrylic and polycarbonate options for the sliding cabinet fronts in a multitude of calm or vibrant colors,” said Dillon.

The fasteners used in the frame work are all buck rivets, with no welds. More than 4,000 rivets were used in the frame and skin.

Dillon said the company is moving into full production and taking on a load of up to three campers a month, growing with a new facility being prepped to up the deliveries to eight per month in 2020.

“Our layouts, our designs, our sizes, still up for discussion with potential clients, until we hone in on what sells best, then it will be more materials and finish options.”

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