EarthRoamer to Release 2017 XV-LTS

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EarthRoamer introduced its 2017 XV-LTS, the newest edition of the best-selling XV-LT line which is built on the fully redesigned Ford F-550. The first 2017 EarthRoamer XV-LTS rolled off the production line this week.

“We took cues from the angular look of the new Ford F-550 to inspire the design of our new front bumper and fender flares, to create a cohesive look for the 2017 EarthRoamer,” said Tyler Tatro, president and COO of EarthRoamer.

The XV-LTS features:

  • Redesigned Super Duty truck line, constructed with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body
  • High-strength steel frame, which combined with the new body, reduces overall weight while increasing strength and rigidity
  • Powertrain with 330 horsepower and 750-foot pounds of torque to the tires
  • Upgraded driveline that supports a higher maximum Gross Combination Weight Rating
  • Larger, more powerful brakes
  • Front-end upgrades, including a new bumper with an integrated 40” curved LED light bar, all new off-road lighting package, and new fender flares
  • New EarthRoamer gauge cluster and control panel that fits into the redesigned center console of the 2017 F-550

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