Eevelle Launches New RV Furniture Cover Line

Eevelle has launched a new brand called “Seasons” to round out its line of RV and patio furniture covers. The company said Seasons was designed to provide an entry-level cover without sacrificing the durability that its top-tier cover brands are known for, adding that the new line targets “the balance between affordability and quality.”

“There is currently a boom in the patio and RV industries due to COVID-19 and the desire to safely experience the outdoors,” said Eevelle Chief Operating Officer, Mike Roberts. “Winter is approaching and the demand for covers is on the rise. With that has come an explosion in the number of low-quality covers with substandard materials. Eevelle wants to provide covers that can accommodate a tighter budget without sacrificing quality.”

The company considers its Goldine RV covers “the gold standard” in the industry, but said it felt that consumers on a lower budget were having to settle for brands with inferior quality. Seasons is meant to change that, it said, incorporating many of the features seen on its higher-end covers.

“Many of the materials used in durable covers have been stretched thin this year due to their use in healthcare-related products and overall international shipping delays,” said Roberts. “This has caused many manufacturers to cut corners so they are able to fill orders and customers should be aware. Seasons was specifically created to provide an affordable cover that isn’t a glorified tarp.”


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