Electronics Supplier’s Publication Aims to Educate Customers

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WFCO Electronics, a supplier of power conversion products for RVs, is expanding its communications outreach to RV manufacturers and dealers with regular e-bulletins that will provide news, information and the latest product updates.

“While we have been in the industry for 40 years, we’ve always been a low-profile supplier,” said WFCO Vice President Sales & Marketing Tom Ryan. “However, we are finding that many people don’t know our history of innovation and, with the growing expansion of RV power needs, we need to make sure manufacturers and dealers have good information about the present capabilities of our products and how they are best used.”

Called “The Heartbeat Bulletin,” the e-news format will be distributed in OEM and dealer versions. Columns for OEMs include “The RV Production Line” for the latest installation and OEM-specific information; “Spotlight” for new and important products; “Insights” for advice on selecting the best products for particular needs, and topics such as service tips and resources; “What’s New with WFCO” about product changes and new initiatives; “WFCO: Did You Know?” about RV power equipment technology, quality manufacturing processes, and other company information; and “WFCO Events,” a listing of upcoming events, rallies, training sessions and shows that WFCO will be attending.

WFCO products provide the largest range of power converters in the industry and are the engineering choice for 80 percent of RVs built today. Those interested can subscribe to the e-bulletins now at


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