Elkhart Chamber President Touts RV Lifestyle

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More and more people are discovering the treasures of outdoor living, also known as camping. These experiences are great for the camper, and great for the local economy, Elkhart Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kyle Hannon said in an editorial in the South Bend Tribune. 

Even though this industry is becoming even more concentrated locally, it reaches much farther. These units are being sold and used all around the nation. Some are going to other countries.

All types of people with all types of camping equipment are enjoying the great outdoors. The “glampers” are right next to a small, pop-up trailer camper, or even a tent with people who sleep on the ground. The families play games with each other and you have conversations you would never have in a hotel.

Another thing that is good for the RV industry is the “gateway drug” aspect of camping equipment. My family has moved from tent camping to van camping. But those towable camping trailers are pretty attractive. I see one in my near future. The lightweight towable units that I’m thinking about are a very strong part of the RV sales today, especially among young families. Then, after I get comfortable in my camper, will I want a larger one? Then motorized? I know a couple of companies in town that are counting on my progression.

The great thing about this is that these companies are not just selling products. They are selling a lifestyle, an active lifestyle that is helping us enjoy healthy activities and a healthy environment. Camping leads to hiking, which leads to fishing, which leads to boating, which is another important industry in Elkhart County. We should be proud that our region is leading the push for happy, healthy living in the nation.

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