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Encore RV Launches New Product Line

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Encore RV is launching a product line called VENŪ. The first model is called a 10KB and will debut at the upcoming Open House Week in Elkhart, Indiana. Encore launched its RŎG Adventure Trailer line in July of 2021 and has found success in the smaller adventure trailer segment which has continued to find growth despite the recent downturn in the RV industry.

The VENŪ 10KB has a unique shape that helps it standout from the small adventure trailers offered by other manufacturers.

Encore VENÜ
The Approach, the flagship of Encore’s new VENÜ line.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel by any means, but we are finding ways to make small trailers feel big, and that’s important to the buyers we’re targeting,” said founding partner Rich Schnippel. “The VENŪ 10KB has a floor length of just eight feet and overall box size just under 10 feet, but don’t let the small size deter you from looking inside.

“The trailer features a large L-Base kitchen cabinet and solid-surface countertop with an undermount sink. A matching L-Overhead cabinet provides additional storage while an optional 3.5-cubic-foot 12-volt refrigerator/overhead cabinet is located on the front wall just forward of the entry door.

“The dinette quickly converts to a sizeable bed providing sleeping for up to two adults.  Additional standard features include a 12-volt MaxxAir fan, 21-gallon freshwater tank, and a 60-inch by 22-inch frameless curbside window and roadside kitchen window. Noteworthy options include a basement A/C with a heat pump, 32-inch 12-volt TV and mount, and an off-road package.”

Encore VENÜ
The Approach is built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis.

Like every Encore RV, the VENŪ line utilizes 100% wood-free construction and an all-aluminum frame that features Encore’s exclusive tri-bond construction, the company said.  Cabinetry is all-aluminum while the exterior high gloss fiberglass from Polser USA is backed with Azdel. The one-piece fiberglass roof runs tip to tail and helps eliminate potential water leaks.

“We’re not trying to be like other RV manufacturers, we’ve found success by differentiating ourselves and building our products with materials that are engineered to last a lifetime.”  Schnippel said. “By eliminating the steel and wood from our construction, we not only take away the possibilities of rust, mold, and rot, we are building an RV that can last for multiple generations and deliver the highest quality of ownership possible. Customers are far more knowledgeable today with so much information at their fingertips and we believe they’re looking for the maximum value for their investment.”

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