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Equalizer Systems Discusses LCI Patent Dispute

In a court battle for several patents with multiple claims between Equalizer Systems’ parent company Days Corp. and Lippert Components, a judge ruled in favor of LCI for two of many claims. A spokesperson for Days Corp. said they are disappointed by the ruling, but the case is still ongoing, and they still hold the patent in question.

“This ruling has not changed the original scope of the dispute initiated by Lippert and has not changed our ability to fairly compete in the leveling market,” said Jason Loose, division director for Equalizer Systems. “This case is still ongoing, and the patent board’s ruling has no bearing on LCI’s infringement claims. Both their patent and ours were filed in March/April 2000. By the time the lawsuit is to be completed, both patents will have expired and will not affect our ability to supply our customers the products they have come to trust. We plan on continuing to aggressively pursue additional business in all the markets we serve.

“We are just the latest in the number of suppliers that have found their way to patent hearings once LCI acquired a competing manufacturer,” continued Loose. “We will probably not be the last.”

Looking forward, Days Corp. is currently focusing on its warehouse expansion and Equalizer’s growth in the market.

“This has been a small hiccup, but we are positive about our future and our ability to serve our customers in the industry,” said Loose. “Expanding our warehouse space to keep up with orders has taken over as our main focus and we are excited to keep offering our customers a quality-made choice with excellent and efficient service.”

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