Evanne Schmarder Joins Gorin+Cohen Consulting

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Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group announced that Evanne Schmarder, an expert in online and digital marketing, has joined the G+C Consulting Group, stepping up the Group’s ability to assist clients in using online and social media platforms to drive business.

“Online marketing is the number one driver of RV park and campground business. Effective use of email, websites, images, online advertising, all forms of social media, live streaming, and review management is critical,” said G+C partner David Gorin.

Schmarder founded Roadabode Productions in 2002, a firm specializing in online marketing strategy, consulting, and education for the outdoor hospitality industry. She brings over 30 years of technology, service, and marketing experience to Gorin+Cohen clients.

“We are delighted to add Evanne to G+C. Her in-depth experience in the field of online and social media marketing adds an important new dimension to the services we now offer clients,” said G+C partner Jayne Cohen. “One of the objectives of G+C is to be able to bring to our clients all of the necessary experts, helping both park developers and operators be as successful as possible.”

Schmarder is the producer of the Digital Marketing Benchmark Study for Outdoor Hospitality, co-author of Unconventional Wisdom Works, a practical toolbox for effective online marketing, and sought-after speaker and marketing panelist at state, national, and international confabs – educating thousands around the globe. Schmarder is also the modern marketing columnist for Woodall’s Campground Management and is frequently published in a number of leading industry publications.

She offers insight as a consultant and mentor, specializing in helping business owners identify online marketing program efficacy; develop, implement, and measure online marketing strategies; brand their business’ across the online landscape; create content and editorial plans; take advantage of online public relations opportunities; uncover and maximize the use of productivity tools; and understand how and when it is time to find and work with an online marketing specialist.

To reach Schmarder, you may email her at or contact her through the contact page at


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