EverGreen RV Shuts Down

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EverGreen RVs in Middlebury, Ind., has closed its doors, leaving hundreds of employees out of work, according to reports from multiple sources. 

Rumors about the company’s closure surfaced on June 7, and no company officials responded to calls or inquiries about the reports. However, multiple reports from dealership executives, Elkhart County officials, and factory workers confirm that the company effectively shut down Friday. 

EverGreen employed about 400 people in Middlebury, Ind., and for the time, maintains a small production crew, though it is not clear for how long. 

The Elkhart Truth reported that the plant grounds just north of the Indiana Toll Road, were mostly empty Friday afternoon with almost no cars in the parking lot.

The company has not yet made any official announcement on the closure, and several EverGreen dealers RV PRO spoke with early last week were unaware of the situation, and had not received notice from EverGreen by Friday afternoon. 

An executive with a multi-location dealership said Monday that his EverGreen factory representative confirmed that the plant began laying off employees early last week. 

“I talked to him after he was released on Friday … and he confirmed that the vast majority of the sales team had been let go, and that they still had some production team, but he didn’t know how many,” said the dealership executive, who asked not to be identified since the company had not made any official announcement. 

An employee of the flooring department on Friday evening told the Elkhart Truth that several welders were laid off on June 6, then employees were told Tuesday that they would only have jobs for about another seven to 10 days. However, nearly all the employees were told Friday not to return Monday.

Elkhart County government officials had heard talk of trouble at EverGreen for a few days, but were not able to confirm any of it. Commissioner Terry Rodino said he heard from an “extremely reliable” source that the company had closed, but little else.

“We just heard it closed, but don’t have any other information,” he told the Elkhart Truth. 

The flooring employee said the company was doing well and staying busy all year — employees had been told there was a months-long backlog of orders — so Friday’s news came as a surprise. There had been no talk or rumors of the company closing until last week.

Another employee who contacted The Truth said they had been hired just two weeks ago and not told of any financial trouble. One employee had been hired and filled out pre-employment paperwork, then was told not to report to work on his first day.

With no word from the company, it is unclear what, if anything, will become of the company’s Middlebury, Ind., plant or its individual brands, which include Skyline RVs and Lifestyle Luxury in addition to its EverGreen-branded product line.

In January this year, EverGreen moved its Skyline production into its Middlebury, Ind., factory from Bristol, reassigning employees to the new plant. At the time, the company said the move would allow it to retool the Bristol facility as part of a larger production expansion project. 

EverGreen, founded in 2008, acquired the Skyline RV line in 2014. In August last year, it named Don Emahiser, formerly of Skyline RVs, as its new president. 

The company cited Statistical Surveys earlier this year to report sales of its I-GO line increased 104 percent in 2015. 


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