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Exclusive: inTech RV Introduces New Towable Line, the Terra

The Terra is inTech's largest coach to date.

Nappanee, Ind.-based inTech RV had been keeping its surprise for the 2021 model year close to the vest but now the wait is over. The company recently did a formal reveal and began production last week on the 2021 Terra, the largest in the company’s lines of towables.

“We have one floorplan now, it’s called the Oasis, and it is a 26-foot length overall, tandem-axle, 8-foot-wide unit,” Keith Fishburn, inTech’s sales manager, told RV PRO.

The Oasis floorplan

The Terra follows the Sol, the next-largest of the company’s models of travel trailers which began in the mid-2010s with the Flyer, a compact off-road adventure trailer. It has gradually increased sizes with every successive line.

“We’ve got a lot of owners’ groups on Facebook and things like that, and we pay a lot of attention to those to try and get feedback: ‘How are customers using the product? What do they like? What are their requests?’” Fishburn said.

“That’s where Terra came from, because a lot of our current customers that own Sols were requesting that unit that was a little longer, that gave them a little more storage, that gave them the dry-bath, the walk-around bed, some of those features. So that’s where Terra was kind of born, looking at that feedback.”

The Terra is 8 feet wide

At eight feet, the Terra is a full foot wider than the Sol, which came out two years ago. As Fishburn mentioned, much of the Terra design came from outside input.

The queen bed has enough space around it on either side that you never have to crawl over someone else to get out of bed. The bathroom is special too, Fishburn said, in that the shower is in a separate room from the toilet and the sink.

“We do a separated bathroom from shower, and one benefit is you don’t have the humidity issues,” he said.  “A lot of people like their shower and their toilet and sink together, but it gets very humid.”

Other features include an external, slide-out kitchen, an enclosed and heated underbelly and the company’s tilt-forward design on the front cap, which Fishburn said adds an additional 18 inches of interior space. That design element, combined with a huge front-facing window, “makes for a very wide, U-shaped dinette up front.”

Another thing the Terra brings is a hallmark of inTech-made coaches: its full-cage, all-welded construction. An aluminum base – the cage – is all welded together and then all the interior components are attached to that.

“The reason a lot of people don’t do that – it’s timely; it’s a slower build process,” Fishburn said.

Other touches on the Terra are the 5/8”-thick cabinets and modern design finishes.

“We try and make sure that when we come to market with something that’s been well thought out, we’ve taken our time, and asked the right questions,” Fishburn said. “(The Terra) is hopefully going to be a product that people are asking for that hits maybe a little bit different spot than what’s being offered to them right now.”

The Terra comes with an MSRP of $55,000-$59,000, depending on the options the buyer chooses. The units are in the 5,700-pound weight range with a GVWR of 7,500. A full-size SUV or half-ton pickup would be the preferred tow vehicles, Fishburn said.

Tony Kindelspire

Tony Kindelspire is the digital content editor of RV PRO magazine.

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