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Exclusive: Terry Town RV Going Big in Its Home Community

Terry Town RV

Tom Selvius and the team at Terry Town RV Superstore are closing out 2021 in a big way – with a multi-million-dollar investment at their flagship property in Grand Rapids, Mich., that Selvius said won’t be like any other RV dealership in the country – or beyond.

“I guarantee you that nobody else in the world has this,” Selvius told RV PRO. “It’ll be something that people are going to want to come and see. This should be a U.S. destination for RV shoppers.”

The plans involve rearranging how certain facilities – all geographically close – are being used now, and the introduction of what Terry Town is calling, “The World Largest Indoor RV Showroom,” totaling 207,000 square feet sitting on five acres.

The company has owned the warehouse for a few years, but they used to have access only to a small portion of it; the rest was rented to other companies. Over the years, the other tenants relocated and now it’s all Terry Town’s.

All but 24,000 square feet will be the dealership’s showroom.

Another building just across the parking lot used to be a Terry Town-owned dealership called Motorhomes 2 Go, but Selvius said the company decided to merge the motorhome business into the rest of Terry Town. That building will be repurposed: The front will be a lifestyle/camping store, while the back section will be expanded and turned into a prep and delivery center.

What was the dealership’s main building – 7145 Division Avenue South – that served as TerryTown’s showroom, parts store and service center for the past 45 years, will become the company’s RV service center.

It’s the new, huge showroom that has Selvius and his team so excited. Not only will they have close to 185,000 square feet of floor space to display about 200 RVs, but the remaining space in the building is being refurbished into a new state-of-the-art sales center, a customer lounge and snack area, and a 7,000-square-foot exotic and antique car museum. Made up entirely of Selvius’ private collection of around two dozen cars, a couple of museum highlights will be a 1929 Auburn Boattail Speedster and a 1930’s Chrysler Imperial that’s one of only 12 in existence.

“The new warehouse will have the same floor space as the amount of the largest exhibition space for RV shows in Michigan,” Selvius said. “Same-sized space.”

The facility is expected to be completely up and running by the first quarter of 2022.

Tony Kindelspire

Tony Kindelspire is the digital content editor of RV PRO magazine.

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